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SAN DIEGO, Here we Come! October 2, 2010

Welcome to the Filipino American Arts & Culture Festival, better known as FilAmFest. On Saturday October 2, 2010 the FilAmFest will be closing down Paradise Valley road from Woodman street to Gilmartin drive and part of Potomac drive for the 6th Annual FilAmFest. This year we will be “Celebrating the Bayanihan Spirit” so bring your family and friends and come to the FilAmFest to enjoy a day of art, food, culture, and fun.

White Rabbit Truck will be joining the festivities all day Saturday from 11am-6pm, for ONE TIME ONLY! Official FilAm Site: www.filamfest.org

Rex Navarrete Ticket Giveaway

We are blessed that famous comedian Rex Navarrete   has become a fan of White Rabbit Truck. He has allocated a limited amount of tickets for our lucky fans to attend his shows this week at Ontario IMPROV 4555 Mills Circle Ontario Mills Ontario, CA 91764 .We have (2) tickets per show that we will give to lucky fans throughout the week. Make sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook to get details.  Tickets will be picked up at  WILL CALL.

Showtimes this Week at Ontario Improv.

Thursday at 8pm
Friday at 8pm and 10pm
Saturday at 7pm and 9pm
Sunday at 7pm

Here’s  a clip of a skit:

Dukot Film Sponsor

OFFICIAL SPONSORS OF DUKOT. Screenings taking place Nationwide. White Rabbit will be present at GLENDALE SCREENING.

OFFICIAL WEBSITE: www.dukot.com

Los Angeles Screenings
Friday, September 17, 2010, 7:00 PM
Search to Involve Pilipino Americans (SIPA)
3200 West Temple Street
Historic Filipinotown
Los Angeles, CA 90026

Friday, September 24, 2010, 7:00 PM
Glendale Central Public Library
222 E. Harvard Street
Glendale, CA 91205

Saturday, September 25, 2010, 12:30 PM
The Art Theatre of Long Beach
2025 East 4th Street
Long Beach, CA 90804

Extrajudicial killings and enforced disappearances of militant activists, crusading journalists and government critics constitute one of the more disturbing phenomena in recent years in the Philippines.

Since 2001 when Gloria Macapagal Arroyo became president, over a thousand cases have been recorded by the human rights organization Karapatan. No less than the Joint Foreign Chambers of Commerce in the Philippines, absolutely pro-status quo, issued a rejoinder to the Philippine government. Then there was Philip Alston, the United Nations Special Rapporteur, who came, looked into the situation, and filed a report indicting the present government for the “culture of impunity” now reigning in the country.

The Philippine government has flatly rejected responsibility and denied complicity in these heinous crimes, professing adherence to the Bill of Rights and to all international protocols on human rights.

“Dukot” could very well be the first full-length film that gives the lie to the claim. It deals squarely with the “culture of impunity” that has, of late, made possible the Maguindano massacre of 57 people, including 31 journalists.

The film takes off from the abduction of Junix who is listed in the so-called Order of Battle of the military, actually a death list. A student leader, he left school to devote his full time to organizing peasants and the indigenous community in the hills. On the early morning that he disappears, he meets up with his girlfriend Maricel who works in a call center. She used to be a student activist, too, but had abandoned the movement for family reasons.

The parents of Junix team up with Sonia, Maricel’s widowed mother, to search for the missing. Ably assisted by a human rights group, they go to military camps, morgues, and common graves. They, too, seek the intervention of the court of justice. The quest leads them nowhere – until a damning piece of evidence against the military establishment surfaces. Meanwhile, Junix and Maricel undergo untold torture in the course of their interrogation.

In this horrid sojourn in search of the missing, the story of Junix and Maricel – and the seething unrest and its consequent social movement in the Philippines – unravels.

“Dukot” is based on true stories. All incidents in it have actually happened.

The 19th Annual FPAC Recap

On September 11-12, The White Rabbit Truck made its first appearance to the Festival of Philippine Arts and Culture (FPAC) event, held in the beautiful city of San Pedro, CA.  The weekend was filled with 10,000 people roaming Point Fermin Park visiting vendors and enjoying entertainment and food.

Familiar faces such as Chef Andre Guerro, MC Bambu/DJ Phatrick, and our friends Rhythm Natives, dropped by The White Rabbit food truck.  In addition, ABS-CBN took footage of The White Rabbit 6 pound burrito challenge.

Several challengers attempted The White Rabbit 6 pound burrito. Resident DJ J.Kino of White Rabbit kept the audience entertained with music and hyped the crowd in helping cheer the contestants to finish the burrito.  White Rabbit Staff witnessed “Big Daddy Abe” who almost completed the challenge with one tortilla left to munch on.  Close, but no cigar.  The first lady challenger, Ms. Rona, attempted the challenge but did not finish.  Two LA Lakers tickets were being offered to the person who completed the challenge.  No one has yet to take down the massive burrito.

Thank you to all the fans, followers, supporters, and the White Rabbit staff for a successful two day event!



Photography By ArchiPrudencio.com

Festival of Philippine Arts & Culture this weekend

Join us as we celebrate the culture of our native country this weekend September 11 & 12 from 10am – 6pm at Point Fermin 807 Paseo Del Mar San Pedro, 90731. There will be tons of food, music & entertainment the entire weekend. Comedians like Rex Navarette, our friends Rhythm Natives will also be performing on stage. For more information check  http://filamarts.org/. See you guys there!

Helping Those Less Fortunate

White Rabbit Truck has been Nominated for Food Network – The Great Truck Race Contest. Winners will be on Season 2 and recieve Prize money. White Rabbit is donating the prize money to assist the less fortunate children of the Philippines in order to provide clothing and food.

Please vote between August 29 til September 10. Vote up to 10 times Daily, two ways.

(1) Text: 66789 and Press: FT118

(2) Online: http://foodtrucks.teamdigital.com/index.php and select WHITE RABBIT TRUCK


Meet Our Food Trucks |

White Rabbit Truck **VIP TRUCK**

August 23rd, 2010

If Alice had followed the White Rabbit Truck, she would have found the perfect blend of Filipino, American, and Mexican cuisine.  Imagine what the Mad Hatter’s tea party would have been like if the White Rabbit Truck had catered it:  sisig burritos, chicken adobo tacos, garlic rice, ube fries, and white chocolate champorado and creme brulee toast for dessert.

Lucky for you, there’s no need to run through Wonderland after the White Rabbit Truck; it’ll be parked outside the Honda Center on August 28 all day.  If you’re one of the lucky few VIP ticket holders, you’ll get to taste the magic in the form of free samples.

Seek out the White Rabbit Truck on their website, Facebook page, or Twitter feed.  Fantastic Filipino Fusion food awaits!

OC FOODIE FEST WEBSITE:  www.ocfoodiefest.com

Help Nominate Our Truck

Our Truck has been nominated for the show. Top 10 nominees will be chosen by August 29, and then we will have 10 days to receive the most votes to be featured on Food Network’s – The Great Food Truck Race Season 2

Nominate & Support The White Rabbit Truck by August 22nd!!

…Link: http://foodtrucks.teamdigital.com/index.php

Food Truck’s Name: White Rabbit Truck

Food Truck Operator’s Email or Twitter Name:
Email: info@whiterabbittruck.com Or Twitter: whiterabbittruk

Become a Fan Of White Rabbit Truck:

Limited Edition Fan Shirts…..

We are releasing our 1st Limited Edition fan shirts created by www.archiprudencio.com. The Women Shirts will be Tank Tops with same branding on front and back. The shirts should be available on our Truck starting Thursday August 12 at Downtown Artwalk for $15.00.

Thank You to all our Fans, Family, Friends & Filipino Community

White Rabbit Truck sincerely appreciates the support from all our fans and our Filipino community. Special thanks to our family and friends for the support and motivation since the beginning. Its only been 20 days since we officially launched and are growing at an enormous rate. We also appreciate those fans that wait in long lines for their food and appreciate your patience and loyalty. Salamat! from all the staff of White Rabbit Truck.  and remember to …….follow the white rabbit.

To Those individuals that weren’t able to try our food yet, we are spending the entire day from 2pm – ??? at MAKE IT FUNKY FESTIVAL this Saturday July 31, 2010 located in Chinatown 947 N. Broadway St. Los Angeles.  Details of event below, or check http://makeitfunkyfest.blogspot.com/

Lunch at Disney.... special thanks to Amy L. & Hernani L.

Dinner Shift...... Thanks to Lein P. Jayson T. & Edward G.


Chinatown Festival – Saturday July 31 2pm-12am

Come join us this Saturday July 31, 2010 at Chinatown for Make it Funky Festival. Art  Walk Gallery, Music from 50 DJ’s , Vendors, and food trucks.  Food Truck appearances from LOMO ARIGATO,  FLYING PIG,  THE SHRIMP GUYS and WHITE RABBIT TRUCK of course. It will be tons of fun, food, and people.  It will be an all day event, so you can’t make excuses. Come show your support and say – “Hello”. Salamat !

Thank you to The Princess Gourmet, you rock!!

Here is a great blog brought to you by The Princess Gourmet….

TRADITION vs. FUSION: Another Filipino Gourmet Food Truck Debuts

I thought I was seeing things a couple of weeks ago. I was on my way home after having dinner with a friend at a restaurant in Studio City when I passed what I thought was a food truck near Guitar Center in Sherman Oaks. In a split second, all I saw was was the word Filipino; I didn’t register anything else. I slowed down and checked back in my rear view mirror and all I saw was a white truck. I couldn’t make out anything else as I headed westbound on Ventura Boulevard. I then began to question whether or not I actually saw the word Filipino. I shrugged it off and promptly forgot about it.

Fast forward to tonight. I was checking my Twitter account and a specific tweet caught my eye, “FoodTruckLA RT @whiterabbitruk: En route to Menchies Granada Hills. Serving till 9. Orders will stop by 9, so get there early.” This was a retweet by FoodTruckLA on Twitter and was curious what White Rabbit was all about. I clicked on the Twitter name and lo and behold! It was another gourmet food truck…a FILIPINO-FUSION gourmet food truck, and unlike Manila Machine whose focus is more on the traditional Filipino fare, White Rabbit takes popular Filipino dishes and fuses it with an American and Mexican Twist. Then it hit me–this was the truck I saw two weeks ago!

It was already 6:45 p.m. and I was still at work. I quickly called a couple of friends to see if I could at least get one of them to go with me. Both didn’t answer their phones. So I called my husband (he had to work late) and my youngest son (he had plans to go out with friends) and my older son (he wanted to be home and talk to his girlfriend on Skype)–I couldn’t find one person who could go with me! I decided then and there that I would make the trip by myself and brave what I thought would be a very long line on my own.

I found Menchies (a frozen yogurt shop) and White Rabbit was parked in front of it not far from the corner of Chatsworth and Zelzah in Granada Hills. The line unfortunately was not long, only 6 people in line in front of me (however, about the time I left which was 45 minutes later, there were already 25-30 people in line).

White Rabbit is yet another player in the gourmet food truck game. Manila Machine, which debuted in early June was enjoying a huge following, and until recently, was the only Filipino game in town. In fact, earlier today, Manila Machine was on Fox’s Good Day L.A., one of four trucks featured that will be participating in this year’s LA Street Fair at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena next Saturday, July 24.

What sets White Rabbit apart from Manila Machine is their menu. Oh sure, their food offerings are the same–both include Chicken Adobo, Beefsteak, Sisig but that’s where the similarities ends. Manila Machine sticks to tradition while White Rabbit steps outside of its hole and has create an interesting and eclectic mix of savory dishes utilizing traditional, yet popular meats familiar to Filipino cuisine: Beefsteak, Pork Sisig, Chicken Adobo and Pork Tocino.

The Beefsteak is citrus marinated and slow cooked (I’m guessing they use either calmansi, a Filipino lime or a regular lemon as a base for their marinade). I liked how the citrus marinade brightened up the flavor of the beef. The Chicken Adobo is specially season and slowly braised in soy sauce and vinegar; the result is a very tender, very flavorful and savory chicken. The Pork Tocino is sweetened cured pork both braised and grilled. It was prepared differently from how my mother prepares Tocino. It was a bit on the spicy side but it was okay; I wasn’t completely wowed by it. The Pork Sisig, White Rabbit’s signature dish, is slightly sauteed and grilled pork, tossed in a medley of garlic, onions and jalapenos. Doesn’t that sound good? We ordered at least one item of the four meats offered with the exception of the Pork Sisig. They sold out which was disappointing but gives me an excuse to come back and try it and other dishes on their menu.

The way it works is that you pick a meat and decide how you want it prepared: Tacos–you get three small soft corn tortilla tacos, the tortillas were about the size of a music CD; Burrito, a generously stuffed burrito about 4-5 inches in length; in a Rice Bowl which literally means you get your choice of meat and two rounded scoops of rice; lettuce wrapped–you get three and the “Fili”Cheesecake, two slider style sandwich made with pan de sal rolls. I ordered the Chicken Adobo Burrito, chicken adobo wrapped in a flour tortilla with soft white rice, a fried egg and swiss cheese; The Pork Tocino Bowl; Beefsteak Tacos and Pork Tocino Tacos, both topped with a slightly spicy slaw; and the Fili-cheesesteak sliders, one with the Beefsteak and the other with the Pork Tocino.

Chicken Adobo Burrito

Left: Pork Tocino Fili-Cheesesteak and Right: Beefsteak Fili-cheesesteak

Pork Tocino Rice Bowl

Pork Tocino and Beefsteak Tacos

They also offer sides and other extras: Fried Eggs, Lumpia, or Fries (Regular, Sweet or Ube–a purple yam); Mac ‘n Cheese and Spaghetti, and a dessert menu which includes the White Chocolate Champorado, a sweet porridge-like dessert (they sold out of this too) and Banana Cream Cheese Lumpia (not available tonight). The only dessert they did have available is the Creme Brulee Toast and I’m still trying to figure out what is “Filipino” about that dish (I’m guessing it’s french toast style toast made with the pan de sal roll and dipped in an egg-brulee type mix and then grilled, and served with some type of dipping syrup.) I’ll be sure to ask and order it next time around.

Overall, it was a good food experience. Comparing it to Manila Machine in some respects is like comparing apples and oranges. Both are unique in its style, flavor and concept and it wouldn’t be fair to judge them as equals. I do have favorites from each menu though and I hope that both White Rabbit and Manila Machine bring in a whole new legion of fans that will help bring Filipino food into the mainstream.

Website for menu, truck locations and serving hours: http://www.whiterabbittruck.com
Follow them on Twitter for truck locations and serving


Thanks to everyone who made it out last saturday for our Grand Opening.  It was a great turn out, we were glad to see all the support of the white rabbit followers.  Also, thanks to all the family and friends who have been supporting us since day 1.  Look out for more events in the next few weeks.  Follow the white rabbit!


Thanks Oishi Media for putting this video together for us!

Grand Star . Rhythm Natives . Skeelo . White Rabbit Truck . Chicharon Adventures July 9,2010

Epic night at the Grand Star Club/Lounge in Chinatown – Los Angeles, CA.

We were able to hang out with Hip Hop Artist Skeelo – Two time Grammy nominated Artist and his very supportive wife Stacy.  I met Skeelo a few weeks back at BET awards after party and have been keeping in touch ever since.  Skeelo has to be one of the most humble and down to earth artists in the game.

He got a chance to get up on stage with the Rhythm Natives MC’s and it was great to see a performer who has been in the game so long to be able to grab the mic anytime and just be.

Hope ya’ll enjoy the photos.  Thanks for the all the support with the White Rabbit Truck. www.whiterabbittruck.com

Also visit Chicharon Adventures! www.chicharonadventures.com


Los Angeles Downtown Artwalk – White Rabbit Truck – July 8,2010

The White Rabbit Truck was a great success last night at the Los Angeles Downtown Artwalk.  We managed to sell out towards the end of the night. Photographers Archi Prudencio and Jane Phu (janephu.com) captured the diverse crowd surrounding the white rabbit truck.   www.whiterabbittruck.com Grand Opening Burgundy House July 10, 2010 – Come Support US!    CLICK HERE TO VIEW ALL PHOTOS.

We were proud to see the diverse crowd trying our food and we felt a huge amount support ! Thank you everyone! We sold out at about 10:30pm.  Follow the white rabbit!

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